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Sometimes Even a President Has Doubts

Lincoln's Gettysburg AddressToday is the 151st anniversary of of  President Lincoln’s renowned  two minute Gettysburg speech dedicating the cemetery there. After the speech President Lincoln told a friend,  “That speech won’t scour. It is a flat failure.”

Due to Lincoln’s  busy schedule, no one thought he could attend the ceremony.  Therefore, Mr. Edward Everett, a famous orator from Massachusetts was the main presenter. Mr. Everett had studied the war, the military records  and presented an accurate picture for the crowd.  He spoke for two hours and it was reported that many were in tears when he stepped away from the podium. Then Mr. Lincoln presented his Gettysburg Address.

The next day Mr. Everett wrote to Lincoln and  praised the “eloquent simplicity & appropriateness” of his remarks. “I should be glad, if I could flatter myself that I came as near to the central idea of the occasion, in two hours, as you did in two minutes.”

Both were valuable speeches but Mr. Lincoln’s is the one most of us remember today.  Still at that time the President doubted whether or not his speech was effective. Mr. Lincoln’s speech  was short,  well thought out and it came from his heart.  It was definitely not a flat failure.

Many times I’ve heard parents question whether they are doing enough for their children, and like Lincoln might wonder if their actions might be a flat failure. Are they spending enough, planning enough, finding enough opportunities?

Learning  doesn’t have to involve complex and expensive lessons.  Simple well thought out opportunities that are matched to a child’s interests  prove successful time and time again.

Of course – the lessons learned may not result in renowned speeches, but for your own family history they will become priceless memories  and stepping stones on your unique families path.







Halloween or Harvest Day Treats

I love Pinterest and the way it provides me with images of so many possibilities.

Here are some fun ideas I’ve found there for some Halloween or Harvest Day treats:

Easy Pumpkin Pretzels candy-corn
Watermelon Brain
Harry Potter Inspired Treats
13 Healthy Treats for the Holiday
64 Healthy Halloween Treats ( I think my favorite might be the mandarin orange pumpkin)
Halloween Drink
Glowing Drink (Of course you should NOT include the VODKA!!!!!)
Worms anyone? 
Strawberry Ghosts

We have some food allergies in our family, so I always like to share how much families like ours appreciate labeling foods that are brought to parties.

Have fun!






February is Library Lover’s Month

February is library lovers month. Our local library has been in the same lovely old home for many years.

Later this month, they will be moving into a brand new beautiful facility.

I love my library every month, but in honor of the Library Lover’s Month, here are some library resources to enjoy:

Happy Anniversary COH!

I  recently  received a note from Henry Cate announcing that they will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of their Carnival of Homeschooling this week.

If you would like to participate, please visit their Why Homeschool blog to learn more.

I’d like to publicly thank the Cate family for continuing to offer this opportunity.   The Carnival of Homeschooling offers a weekly opportunity to visit other homeschool blogs and explore a variety of resources. \If you would like to check on past Carnivals, please click on the COH link in the right hand sidebar.

Free Range Learning Review

Free Range Learning: How Home Schooling Changes Everything by Laura Weldon offers the catalyst for an alternative education revolution whether you’re  just beginning to investigate homeschooling, or you are a more experienced veteran.

Laura shares data that helps any parent or educator wanting to understand how vital natural learning is to each and every child. She also offers valuable insight and tips on everything starting with where to  begin to  how to create enriching networks in your own community.

Finally, there are accounts of  homeschool families from around the world that provide a real life insight that gave me the feeling of having attended a homeschool support gathering.

Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down.  I enjoyed the data, family stories and practical advise that it offers to families with children from pre-school on up.  It is really a one stop read that  will help to empower generations to come.

You can purchase the book by clicking on the cover above or by clicking here.