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Land Use of North America

Interesting site to explore from USGS.

They share:

Earth is a dynamic planet. As we come to appreciate its history and the long-term trends that have shaped the present, we realize that continuous change characterizes the planet, from the movement of continents to changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere. Perhaps nowhere is change more obvious that on the planet’s surface, where human land use shapes landscapes, alters ecosystems, and influences the diversity of life they support.

Land Use of North America

National Women’s History Project 30th Anniversary

The National Women’s History Project is a great place to visit to begin exploring and celebrate womens history and the 30th anniversary celebration.

The 2010 theme is Writing Women Back into History. They write the following about the theme:

It often seems that the history of women is written in invisible ink. Even when recognized in their own National Women's History Project, homeschool materialstimes, women are frequently left out of the history books. To honor our 2010 theme, we are highlighting pivotal themes from previous years. Each of these past themes recognizes a different aspect of women’s achievements, from ecology to art, and from sports to politics.

Visit their site to find out how you can help promote women’s history and then head on to their resource page where you can find a variety of educational materials about multicultural women’s history.

Lakota Winter Counts

What is a Lakota Winter Count?  The website describes them as:

Winter counts are histories or calendars in which events are recorded by pictures, with one picture for each year.

The Lakota call them waniyetu wowapi.  Waniyetu is the word for year, which is measured from first snowfall to first snowfall. It is often translated as “a winter.” Wowapi means anything that is marked on a flat surface and can be read or counted, such as a book, a letter, or a drawing.

Lakota Winter Counts