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Halloween or Harvest Day Treats

I love Pinterest and the way it provides me with images of so many possibilities.

Here are some fun ideas I’ve found there for some Halloween or Harvest Day treats:

Easy Pumpkin Pretzels candy-corn
Watermelon Brain
Harry Potter Inspired Treats
13 Healthy Treats for the Holiday
64 Healthy Halloween Treats ( I think my favorite might be the mandarin orange pumpkin)
Halloween Drink
Glowing Drink (Of course you should NOT include the VODKA!!!!!)
Worms anyone? 
Strawberry Ghosts

We have some food allergies in our family, so I always like to share how much families like ours appreciate labeling foods that are brought to parties.

Have fun!






March Crafts for Homeschoolers

March is National Craft  Month and I would like to share some of my favorite resources to celebrate. Our family has enjoyed countless hours working on a variety of crafts while listening to books on tape,talking, reading to one another,or listening to music.
Enchanted Learning offers free resources  according to subject.

Here are some more craft resources:

DLTK’s Growing Together
Martha Stewart for Kids
Hands on Crafts for Kids