H.R.6737 Update, Tax Credits and Celeste Land on Fox News!

I wrote about H.R. 6737 and that the Push to change IRS code for homeschoolers continues back in August. I checked THOMAS and saw that on September 17th, 2008, another sponsor, Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado has signed on in support of the bill.

Who are these sponsors and what is motivating them to have the IRS code changed?  Are there homeschoolers in their districts requesting these tax creedits? If not, why are they including homeschoolers?   I don’t have those answers yet, but I thought I’d see what I could find out about each of them.  I’ve linked each of their names to their bio’s at opencongress.org.  I’m continuing to reseearch them, but  so far all I’ve learned is that they are all republicans, two are from Arizona and two are from Florida.  If you know more about them, please leave a comment.

  • Representative Doug Lamborn
  • Representative Jeff Miller
  • Representative Timothy  Walberg
  • Representative Patrick Tiberi
  • Representative Tom Feeney
  • Representative John Shadegg
  • Representative Trent Franks

Here is the federal language again:

Title: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow individuals with children attending an elementary or secondary school a deduction for each child attending a public school equal to 25 percent of the State’s average per pupil public education spending and, for each child attending a private or home school, a deduction equal to 100 percent of such average.

Sponsor: Rep Hoekstra, Peter [MI-2] (introduced 7/31/2008) Cosponsors (7)
Latest Major Action: 7/31/2008 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

Coincidentally, Fox News aired an interview this evening about homeschoolers.   I could have done without their “homeschoolers test better than public schooler’s” stats, but Celeste Land of The Organization of VA Homeschoolers aptly pointed out that we are a diverse bunch.  She also stated that we need to focus on protecting the one thing we have in common…. homeschooling.   Dawn Johnson and her three beautiful daughters were also featured.  I’m hoping that Fox will share the interview on their site, but haven’t found it yet. If they do, I’ll come back and add it here.

Homeschooling Surges in U.S. as Parents Reach for Legal Rights
Monday, September 22, 2008 By Shannon Bream

The reporter ended by looking at tax credits for homeschoolers.  She said  that some folks do want tax credits and some don’t want the risk of more accountability that they might bring.  It almost made me wonder if she hadn’t stopped by Dana’s blog this last week?  Dana had announced at her Principled Discovery blog that she would be  interviewing  Dan Lips of the Heritage Foundation about the economic benefits of homeschooling and tax credits for homeschoolers for Home School Talk.  I haven’t listened to the interview yet, but perhaps Mr. Lips will have some insight into why these legislators continue to attempt to amend the IRS law.


6 thoughts on “H.R.6737 Update, Tax Credits and Celeste Land on Fox News!

  1. We didn’t get into that, but he is against federal tax credits, although thinks the Coverdell should be expanded to include homeschoolers.

    I think those in office favoring such things are looking at homeschoolers as part of their “base” and hoping for the kind of loyalty Huckabee seemed to inspire. To go from nothing to a contender for the ticket and to have that credited to involved homeschoolers makes it almost inevitable that politicians are going to start looking at how to attract us.

  2. I caught the tax credit bit at the end and thought that was done well in a tiny sound bite. I was surprised that a reporter seemed to understand that piece of the autonomy pie enough to explain it.
    I was also pleased to see Celeste Land interviewed. She did a great job and I appreciated her emphasis on protecting homeschooling whatever our lifestyle or political bent.
    As far as Huckabee goes, I keep coming back to Mark Penn’s analysis of homeschooling as a microtrend. My husband and I think he was fairly spot on, even though he had less luck this election year with one of his clients.

  3. I had forgotten about Mark Penn\’s book, I\’ll have to dig that out again.

    I think you are both right. I doubt that the bill will go anywhere, but I continue to watch in hopes that we could stop it in the event someone slips it in anywhere else.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I just read an article about how homeschooling could save the nation $60 billion in the next few years if homeschooling continues to grow as the rate it is.

  5. I believe that Doug Lambourn worked with State Rep. Kevin Lundberg on homeschooling issues. You can find Rep. Lundberg here http://www.hearthfund.org

    Some of the Board of reference of this organization have very close ties to HSLDA.

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