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Follow up interview with Debbie Schwarzer- CA

In February 2008, The California Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Division Three issued a ruling concerning the In re Rachel L. case and stated that California homeschool parents needed to be a credentialed teacher to legally homeschool their children. The court later vacated that ruling on March 25th and agreed to a rehearing that took place in June. This week CA homeschoolers were elated with the latest court ruling from the court that recognizes homeschooling as a species of private schools.

Since February, Debbie Schwarzer, CA homeschool Mom and legal co-chair of HSC has been involved in this situation every step of the way. She has spoken to me a few times about the situation and it was my pleasure to catch up with her again so we could hear her perspective on the latest court ruling.

You can listen to our interview here: