Happy 2012

I’ve just finished reading the last Carnival of Homeschooling for 2011 over at Susan Ryan’s Corn and Oil. These days my boys are gone from the homeschooling nest as well, but they often reflect that  the opportunity to learn at their own pace and explore their interests has stayed with them as they venture on in life.

I was pleasantly surprised to  see my good friend Kaye Swain participating over at Susan’s edition of the COH.  I know Kaye as a monthly contributor to the EldercareABC, Inc. blog. It’s delightful to know how small and connected our world truly is.  Kaye has been a great source of care giving encouragement to me over the past year, which is a good segue to explain where I’ve disappeared to since my last post in May 2011.

On July 2nd, 2010, my Dad coded after an emergency endoscopy to unblock a blocked liver duct.  After his resuscitation, we all began a journey my dad would not have chosen, but that led him and our family  to meet some very wonderful people. Due to his limited mobility after the resuscitation, Dad moved to the Renaissance Health Center where one of us visited him daily until he passed away peacefully and with dignity on July 8th, 2011.

Dad often told others about the wonderful opportunities that homeschooling offered our family.  He was even buried in a biodegradable urn made by our good homeschool friends Debra and Stephen  Bures at Elements Gallery. We had a memorial celebration at the Renaissance where we were delighted to celebrate his life with friends, family,  many of his fellow residents and the awesome staff who cared for him.   Even the  local newspaper editor, Mary Jane Skala,  whom my Dad sparred with regularly over  their political differences over the  years came to the service.

Shortly after he passed, my Mom took a tumble on a loose rug at the local bank. After a long series of emergency room visits and hospital admissions, she ended up at the Renaissance as well, so we are once again making our daily visits there.  The staff and residents continue to be great and will forever remain a part of our family.  (One thing we found enriched our lives when we were homeschooling was volunteering. If you are a homeschooling family or group in the Cleveland area, you couldn’t ask for a nicer place to volunteer.  If you are interested, just contact me!)

As the year comes to an end,  I remain appreciative of  the many kindnesses that have been shared with our family.    Thanks to each of you from the bottom of my heart.

If homeschooling has taught me anything over the years, it is to be an advocate, stand up for my rights, stand up for others and to embrace the responsibilities life presents me.  To have so many of you in my life who do the same brings great joy to my life.  Thank you and Happy, Healthy 2012 to each of you!

4 thoughts on “Happy 2012

  1. Hey hey hey Mary – what fun to learn new facets about each other. :) And what a sweet article! Such great points about homeschooling intertwined with caregiving. Would you believe, I first started homeschooling my own kids in about 1980ish. Total pioneers and so scared, tho we were grateful that we never had any problems. We would have LOVED this kind of info back then and what a blessing you are to be providing it now! .

    Now, some of my grandkids are being homeschooled and I get to have fun helping with it. Guess it’s true, the more things change, the more they stay the same – tho it’s a LOT easier nowadays. :)

    Continuing to pray for you and your family :) Have blessed New Year!

  2. Wow! The circle goes round and round. Small and connected indeed!
    I really enjoyed your post and your update! I didn’t realize the Bures’ family artistry was used for your dad’s passage and that is so fitting.
    So sorry to hear your mom (and you all) had such adventures, but know you all make the best of it.
    Have a wonderful and blessed 2012, Mary and family!

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