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As I have mentioned before, some of us have been reading and discussing the book, “Taking Charge Through Homeschooling, Political and Personal Empowerment” by D. Larry and Susan M. Kaseman. For those of us who thought that politics was beyond our understanding, this is a book filled with practical information that helps us to understand how simple our participation can be in the political process. Many libraries carry the book, or you can purchase it used or at HEM.

If you do want to follow federal legislation that pertain to homeschooling, a helpful resource is the THOMAS Web Site. The THOMAS site is a service of the Library of Congress. At this site you can look up the U.S. Code, proposed legislation, Historical Documents, Congressional Records, Committee information and much more.

Thomas also has a link for state resources, other jurisdictions and other resources. Under “Other Resources” you will find almost everything you wanted to know about your state and how it is governed.