Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore’s Books

The Moores Homeschool Books, Homeschool ResourcesLast March I wrote a brief post about Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore’s  book, Better Late Than Early, and why it remains one of my favorite homeschool books some 20 years after I first read it.

This week, Judie stopped by and left a comment to that post.  She shared that at her site, the first chapter of each of the  Moore’s books is being shared online at her blog. Judie also shared  that she is working with the Moore’s son, Dennis and is selling the last of the Moore’s books.  They are no longer in print, so if you need a copy, you may want to go and check her site out, or keep an eye out at your local used book store for them.

One thought on “Dr. Raymond and Dorothy Moore’s Books

  1. The Moores played a big part in my early years on this path. Once I called to order a book and Raymond Moore answered the phone. We talked for about 10 minutes, and I hung up feeling affirmed and grounded.
    The books are as relevant today as they were back then.

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