One thought on “Arther Benjamin’s Formula for changing math education

  1. He’s on to something.

    I’ve taken two statistics courses, the first in college where we used a computer statistical program, SPSS, and the second in grad school. The second course was an overview of statistics with the goal of being able to understand research articles and most of the students in the class were completely baffled. I was the only one who had taken a stats class.

    High School students need to be able to understand that all the fear mongering in our society is not based on actual risk.

    Life of Fred has a statistics course and I expect to go through it with my oldest student before he graduates from home school. I’m looking forward to the refresher course. I may even combine it with the book How to Lie With Statistics.

    PS. I did enjoy my Calculus class in High School but again, I don’t use it in my everyday life.

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