U.S. Fish and Wildlife Species

This U.S. Fish & Wildlfe site lets you search for a regulatory profile for a listed species using its common or scientific name.  ducks2


Optics for Kids

Learn about the science of optics at this site by Bruce Irving.

Optic for kids

BBC Time Explorer Game

Time Travel Game, homeschool gamesVisit the BBC to travel back in time for the ultimate adventure.

BBC Time Explorer Game

Theo Jansen and his kinetic sculptures

In this Ted Talk Video, Artist Theo Jansen talks about and presents the  kinetic sculptures he builds from plastic tubes and lemonade bottles.

NGA Materials Finder

Did you know that you can borrow resources from the National Gallery of Art?  It is an awesome resource that I like to paint, homeschooling resourcesshare a couple times of year so no one misses out.

Use their online NGALoans Material Finder or request a free catalog.

Dress Canada History

Canada, homeschool resourcesDress Canada History is an online game from Parks Canada that helps you to explore the Origins of Canada’s cultural diversity.

Dress Canada History