Happy New Year


May 2010 be a happy, healthy and peace filled  year for us all!

Snow and Ice Science

iceSnow & Ice Science is virtual antarctic field trip.

Snow & Ice

Snow crystals

Snowcrystals.com is about all things to do with snow flakes and snow crystals.  It is a fascinating site where you can learn what crystalssnowflakes and snow crystals are, where they comer from and how really remarkable they are.



Play blokus online for free here.

Welcome Winter

Winter SolsticeToday is the first day of winter, the shortest day of the year and so I’ve shared some winter solstice resources below:

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol was first published on December 19th, 1843.  One hundred and sixty six years later it continues to entertain young and old alike. Here are some great Christmas Carol and Charles Dicken’s resources.

Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company

A Virtual Museum of Pioneer Aviation

You can start at the Museum Entrance, continue on and check out the History Wing and from there possibly visit WrightbrothersAdventure Wing.  From there you will find all sorts of other interesting resources to explore, but my favorite are the Plans and Blue Prints in Will and Orv’s Workshop.

Virtual Dreidel Game

Virdreideltual Dreidel Game

Enjoy and Happy Hanukkah!

In search of the Ways of Knowing Trail

In Search of the Ways of  Knowing Trail is an online game presented by the Brookfeild  Zoo.   It’s an interesting game that Elephant, In Search of the Ways of Knowing Trailtakes you in search of the Ways of Knowing Trail in Africa.

Ways of Knowing Trail

Edheads Virtual Knee Surgery

This is not for those with a weak stomach, but if you’d like to see what a knee surgeon does do, the virtual knee surgeon scissors, virtual knee surgerymay be just what you need!

Edheads Virtual Knee Surgery

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