How to Play Ragtime Guitar

How to Play Ragtime Guitar – Blind Blake – Too Tight Rag

How to Play Ragtime Guitar – Blind Blake – Too Tight RagClick here for more amazing videos


We had a hand-held version of this National Geographic  game at one time.  It provided hours of fun in the car.


Snag Films

Snag Films offers a variety of free online movies— from comedy, to documentaries to serious films.

Snag Films

Try Engineering

This site offers three different online games to try engineering.

Try Engineering

Codebreaking Game

This Codebreaking game is not as easy as it looks.

Codebreaking Game

Interractive Spelling Game

This might be fun for a new readers, but I would definitely turn down the sound before beginning!

Spelling Machine


This reminds me a lot of a spirograph, but much more complex. They even offer The OscilloScribe User Guide.

OscilloScribeTM by Spelunk Computing

Gravity-defying sculpture inspired by the sun, the earth, the moon

Another fascinating Ted Talk:

World History

Interesting world history timeline. (Be sure to hit refresh)
World history

Plays Online

Electronic text archives and plays online offers  links to all the plays we know about that are available in full text versions online for free.

WWW Virtual Library Theatre and Drama- Plays

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