Minibeast Identification

Another interesting activity from Crickweb out of the UK.  See if you can identify four different types of minibeasts.

Minibeast Identification


Nobel Prize Electrocardiogram Game

COH- No Child Left Inside

You won’t want to miss this week’s COH- NO Child Left Inside over at Corn and Oil this week.

COH-No Child Left Inside


Read Frankenstein by Mary Shelly online.

Pentagon Room

This game challenges you to solve the puzzles to escape.  I couldn’t do it, can you?

Pentagon Room

Mimosa pudica ‘The Sensitive Plant’


We need to restore the full meaning of that old word, duty.  It is the other side of rights.  ~Pearl Buck

Our family started home educating over twenty years ago. Many things have  certainly changed since then, but it is still  important  to help  parental duty, rights, responsibility, homeschool resourcesnew folks know the importance of understanding their responsibilities so they can then claim their rights. As Miss Buck points out, the two are firmly connected.  It is also important to take the time to encourage new parents, help them find groups such as La Leche League and others that will encourage their natural instincts.  Taking the time to share a kind word or lend an understanding ear may be the difference between success and failure. I still recall and appreciate those who took time out of their already busy lives to help me.

Parents today need to know that they are their own best experts when it comes to their family, the education of their children and the protection of their child’s educational rights.  A great resource for any new parent is Larry and Susan Kaseman’s book, Taking Charge Through Homeschooling; Personal and Political Empowerment.  Don’t let the Politics in the title scare you.  Politics and knowing your rights are really intertwined with every day life.  The Kasemans present these principles in an easy to understand format  in the book.   After reading it you will not only be empowered politically, but personally as well.

Seeing Eye Dogs

Morris S. Frank was given the first seeing eye dog on this day in 1928.   You can read all about it in, Morris and Buddy : The Story of the First Seeing Eye Dog by Becky Hall.  She tells the story of how Morris Frank was blinded during a boxing accident and how he trained his dog, Buddy to be his guide.  Mr. Morris went on to create the Seeing Eye  which helps blind individuals to live independently.

Here are some online resources to explore:

Art Safari

You are going on an Art Safari where you will explore animals and art.

Art Safari

The Life Cycle of Flowering Plants

See if you can correctly identify the life cycle of flowering plants at this Crickweb site.

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