Dayna Martin: Is Unschooling Legal? and Peaceful Parenting

I’ve never met Dayna in real life, but I have been enjoying her online videos.  Here is another one of her videos: Is Unschooling Legal? and Peaceful Parenting

Go West, Young Artist!

This ArtEdventure is a journey back in time and across the American landscape. You’ll meet half a dozen great American artists and learn about their work. Some of what they say is inspired by their words and writings-you can read actual quotes in the In The Artist’s Words box. Other conversations you’ll have are fictionalized-the events are true but the words are invented, based on interpretations by art historians.


Go West, Young Artist!

The Power of Love and Gratitude

I wrote a little about how we combat the prevailing fear that has been perpetuated by the media and others as of late with love just  last week.   I wish I’d known of young Brenden Foster at the time, but I just learned about him this week as his story has spread across the Internet.

Fear is a powerful force and a normal reaction when something frightening happens to you.  No matter how bad the scenario, it is always easier to deal with if you have some sort of love and encouragement after the initial fear hits.

What if you are an 11 year old boy and you are diagnosed with Leukemia and told you don’t have long to live?  Certainly that is about as frightening as it can get.  What would your reaction be?  Brenden Foster reacted with love.   His dying wish was to feed the homeless and his wish was taken up by others who did just that.    Others around the country took up the cause as well and I know that Brendan was surrounded by love and encouragement from his family.

Another dying wish that Brenden had was to plant wildflowers to help save bees.  A retired pilot heard his request and asked his friends to sprinkle wildflowers around the world.    I know many on my Christmas list will be receiving a wildflower packet on behalf of Brenden.

Brenden Foster passed away last Friday, November 21st, 2008.    His dying wish touched not only my heart, but others around the world who will make sure  that his legacy will live on.

I didn’t know of Brenden’s wish when I volunteered to participate in a benefit for the hungry in the Akron-Canton area of Ohio called Cups of Kindness, but I’m all the more thankful that I did after learning about Mr. Foster and his wonderful example of living life to the fullest.

Brendan was asked what made him sad and he replied, “”When someone gives up.”  He also said,  “Follow your dreams. Don’t let anything stop you.”  Wise words that we can all live by from such a young man and  as fine an example of the power of love that I can find.

You can hear and read more about this inspirational young man here:

My heart and love are extended to Brenden’s friends and family on this Thanksgiving Day.  May we all continue his legacy of love, gratitude and passion for life.

My prayer for us all on this Thanksgiving Day 2009 is that we look beyond the headlines of fear and remember how much we can do with a little love in our heart.  

Cool Cosmos

This site from NASA  offers the Cosmic Classroom, Cosmic Kids, Image Galleries, Video Galleries, Cosmic Games and much, much more.

Cool Cosmos

Famous Americans

Match famous American faces with the U.S. stamps they appeared on.

Famous Americans

Multi-Cultural Book Review

I love book reviews and book lists. I found some really interesting books at this site below and have requested a few of them from our local library. It has been a while since it has been updated, but the information is still relevant.

Multicultural Book Review

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles

This site offers a wide variety of math resources.  The Interactive section is amazing, but don’t stop there, you will want to book mark and explore Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles as well.

The Incredible Century: JFK Expert

An excerpt from The Incredible Century provided by the Gordon Skene Sound Collection.

This recording also includes the news of the assassination of President Kennedy.

The Incredible Century: JFK Excerpt

The Thanksgiving Proclamation of the United States signed by George Washington

The Thanksgiving Proclamation of the United States signed by George Washington.   The original can be viewed here and an easy to read version here.

Of course this did not result in the country celebrating the holiday every year.  That Proclamation came from Abraham Lincoln that can be read here.

The Karpeles Library  also provides many other important original manuscripts & documents.

The Karpeles Library

Thanksgiving Crafts

Below are a list of sites that offer some interesting Thanksgiving Crafts:

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