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Debra Bures just posted this and I’d like to share it with you! – Mary

5 More Friends

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was born on October 25th, 1881. He has often been called the Father of modern art.   In honor of his birthday, I’d like to share resources to celebrate his life and works.

The Cosmic Perspective – Seasons

I know that we have already entered the fall season, but it seems to me that it feels more like a new season as it gets cooler out.

This online tutorial from offers easy to understand illustratiosn that explains the seasons.

The Cosmic Perspective – Seasons

SOCR – Games

Statistics Online Computational Resource Games

Carnival of Homeschooling: 148 – The Halloween Version

Internet Anagram Server

What is an anagram?   The Internet Anagram Server explains it:  They write: What is an Anagram?

anagram (AN-uh-gram)

noun: A word or phrase formed by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. For example, Elvis to Lives.
verb: To rearrange letters in such a way. To anagrammatize.

You can enter any word you like into their form and it will produce an anagram for you.

Internet Anagram Server

[From Greek anagrammatismos, ana- (up, again, back, new) + -gram (letter).]

Pumpkin Multiples

Help the ghost in this game collect the pumpkins that are the multiple of the target number.

Pumpkin Multiples

I will Survive by Natalie Criss

Natalie Criss revised I will survive by Gloria Gaynor to I Will Survive
(the first year of homeschooling).

Another homeschooler took that a step further and set Natalie’s words to music. Here it is from You Tube:

Music History

On October 25th, 1964, the Rolling Stones first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.   You can do a search to find the original appearance, but I thought this Lego reenactment was too cute not to share.

The Rolling Stones lego not fade away

Mask Making

About all Species has a varitey of mask making  ideas at their site.   The resource was originally made for Earth Day, but the masks could be made for any day or holiday.

Mask Making

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