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Did you know that New Hampshire Parents Defeated Another Attempt to Curtail Their Freedom Yesterday?

New Hampshire homeschoolers won a major victory, defeating a legislative attempt to impose onerous regulations on them.  The vote was 324-34 on the bill, HB368. (

The parents in New Hampshire worked long and hard calling and writing their legislators, informing them of the value of homeschooling, and of the value of preserving and protecting the rights of parents.  Many came out to protest this piece of legislation ( see ). It proves, once again, the power of “we the people” joining forces in defense of liberty.  A major battle was won, but they have one more battle ahead of them.  The other bill, HB1580, is currently in committee. The text is here:

A public hearing on that bill will be held next week, Thursday, January 21.

The parents have gained the support of some legislators to propose a new bill, one that is patterned after Connecticut’s law on the Duty of Parents, which will re-establish the rights of parents to remain free to instruct their own children.  Please lend your support to these parents in whatever way you can.

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