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Salamander Crossing

I was checking my feed reader this a.m. and came upon a great post by Jim McCormac, The run of the salamanders.  For salamanders, homeschool science those who don’t live near a creek, or who might not be that familiar with the salamander, stop by and read about his mid March spring adventure.

His post reminded me of the many salamanders the neighborhood kids and I observed along the banks of Plum Creek.   This got me to wondering what type of other salamander resources I might find.

Here are just a few:

The Ohio Salamander Web – Home of the Ohio Salamander Monitoring Program

Enchanted Learning has a printout on the life-cycle of the salamander

Cleveland Metropark  Search-able Animal Database

Salamander Photos

If you want to witness the run of the salamanders yourself and you are in or near Brecksville, Ohio, you can witness them crossing the road in the Cleveland Metro Parkway, Brecksville Reservation  from March through early April, if the weather is warm and rainy.  They close the parkway from 4 pm to 9 am and there will be a park representative on hand to answer questions.

From 4 p.m. to 9 a.m. during warm and rainy weather, the parkway will be closed to traffic. A park representative will be available at the closure site to answer questions.

If you aren’t in Ohio, then see if your own local park might not do something similar!

March Crafts for Homeschoolers

March is National Craft  Month and I would like to share some of my favorite resources to celebrate. Our family has enjoyed countless hours working on a variety of crafts while listening to books on tape,talking, reading to one another,or listening to music.
Enchanted Learning offers free resources  according to subject.

Here are some more craft resources:

DLTK’s Growing Together
Martha Stewart for Kids
Hands on Crafts for Kids

National Women’s History Project 30th Anniversary

The National Women’s History Project is a great place to visit to begin exploring and celebrate womens history and the 30th anniversary celebration.

The 2010 theme is Writing Women Back into History. They write the following about the theme:

It often seems that the history of women is written in invisible ink. Even when recognized in their own National Women's History Project, homeschool materialstimes, women are frequently left out of the history books. To honor our 2010 theme, we are highlighting pivotal themes from previous years. Each of these past themes recognizes a different aspect of women’s achievements, from ecology to art, and from sports to politics.

Visit their site to find out how you can help promote women’s history and then head on to their resource page where you can find a variety of educational materials about multicultural women’s history.