Monthly Archives: December 2009

Wooing homeschoolers back into school reported  that a BC superintendent stated that wooing homeschoolers back into their system  could be a wooing and luring homeschoolerssolution to their financial woes.

I’ve always supported the right for a family to choose the educational option that is best for their child, whether it be homeschooling, unschooling, private or public school.  What I’m never in favor of is children being seen as dollar signs, but unfortunately as  education has grown into a business, private or public, children become viewed  as numbers.  When added up those numbers  equal dollar signs. I never saw this so clearly as when I did research on school funding and realized that children weren’t just listed as whole numbers, but due to accountability, were listed as decimals.  You know, 2.5 children attended such and such class. I recall a school treasurer explaining it to me, and I suppose from a business standpoint it must be done that way to match up the funding with various programs and needs. However,  those children equaling 299.5 instead of the whole 300 is  what comes to mind when I read articles where superintendents or school boards see wooing back homeschoolers is the answer to their woes.    It happens here in the states as well.

It seems the golden rule should be applied here.  Each child is unique and deserves the best education their family chooses and can provide. If folks treat each other as they’d like to be treated, then those homeschoolers wanting to return would feel welcome no matter what and not feel their beeing wooed, but welcomed.