Monthly Archives: November 2009

Constitution for Kids

I am a firm believer in knowing one’s rights in order to claim them and protect them, but sometimes, the convoluted StatueofLiberty, homeschool resourceslanguage gets in the way.  “Constitution for Kids” by Cathy Travis is a book that helps not only kids understand the Constitution, but also helps  adults to understand just what is written.

In the book, Ms. Travis uses two columns, on one side is the complete text of the United States Constitution and on the other is her easy to understand translation.

This book reminds me that when we take the time to read our laws we realize they are decipherable. Just as we are our own best experts concerning the education of our families, we become our own best experts in maintaining our rights and remaining an educated citizen by taking the time to learn the laws of our country, our state and our towns.

American Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving, homeschool resourcesThanksgiving is just a week away. I tend to stick to tried and true family recipes, but for those adventuresome souls, I want to share  THANKSGIVING RECIPES FROM AMERICA’S PAST at Pilgrim Hall Museum again.

The Pilgrim Museum’s online resources are worth taking the time to explore as well.