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Daylight Savings Time

When I woke up on October 25th, the clock read that it was 8:00 a.m.  I was pleased that I was getting a fairly early start that Sunday morning until I put on my watch that read it was 9:00. The time still wasn’t bad for a Sunday, but I realized that my clock was made when the Daylight Savings Time ended the third week-end in October.  Some of the individuals I work with live in different parts of the world, so this got me to pondering who does and does not participate in this event. (I’d be just as happy if we did not.)  I found a comprehensive list at  They also have some fascinating facts about Daylight Savings Time there.

Here are some resources to learn more about this annual event:

Cultures On The Edge

homeschooling materialsThis online magazine presents a wonderful look into cultural diversity.  Here is a quote from their mission statement:

Cultural survival is not about preservation, sequestering indigenous peoples in enclaves like some sort of zoological specimens. Change itself does note destroy a culture. All societies are constantly evolving. Indeed a culture survives when it has enough confidence in its past and enough say in its future to maintain its spirit and essence through all the changes it will inevitably undergo. Indigenous cultures only disappear when they are overwhelmed by external forces, and when drastic conditions imposed upon them from the outside render them incapable of adapting to new possibilities for life. A Kiowa does not stop being a Kiowa when he gives up the bow and arrow, any more than a white American stops being an American when he ceases the use of a horse and buggy.

I hope you enjoy this insightful  magazine as much as I did.

Cultures on the Edge