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The Plowboy Interview: John Holt

Last year, Mother Earth News republished a July/August 1980 Interview with John Holt, The Plowboy Interview online.   Here are a few thoughts from the article:

More important, though, the one-time schoolteacher has not abandoned his efforts to help children learn and grow. Instead, John has taken a new approach . . . one that he sees as being the only logical response to the appallingly poor quality of public education and its innate resistance to change.

Namely, John Holt now devotes his energies to assisting people who want to help their youngsters learn at home . . . after pulling the children out of school altogether!

Why did a man who was at one time a conservative, traditional schoolteacher come to advocate keeping one’s children out of school? How can parents successfully remove their youngsters from public school in the first place? And why does Mr. Holt think that readers of THE MOTHER EARTH NEWS should be especially interested in his ideas?

You can read the rest of this enlightening article here: The Plowboy Interview: John Holt

Freshwater Fred’s Learning Library

My good friend Ruth at Learning is Fun first told me about Fresh Water Fred’s Learning Library.  It is a  great resource.

Freshwater Fred’s Lending Library includes approximately 1,100 educational videos, software programs and curriculum – and the collection is always growing. Explore topics such as biology, zoology, anatomy, physics, math, history, geography, the arts and environmental science.

There is no charge for Lending Library materials. Freshwater Fred’s Lending Library is brought to you by Hoosier Energy and its Environmental Education Center, located at the Turtle Creek Reservoir in Sullivan County, Ind.

Materials are available to educators in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin for 30-day intervals. Renewals are subject to demand. Educators are limited to 10 items at any one time.

Freshwater Fred’s Lending Library

Lord of the Flies Game

William Golding’s first novel, “Lord of the Flies,” 1954, rapidly became a world success and has remained so. It has reached tens of millions of readers. If you are one of them, you may challenge your memory with this game. If you haven’t read the book, read it and come back! It’s a very entertaining and exciting book about a group of young boys who are isolated on a desert island.

Lord of the Flies Game from